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Azure Cold Drinks Machine

Azure Cold Drinks Machine

The Azure is a unique point-of-use water dispenser designed to bring an added dimension to your existing beverage vending service.

Serving chilled UV and Brita filtered water and clear flavoured water the Azure's stylish design lines will complement any location.

Take advantage of the complementary nature of coffee and water by offering a one stop refreshment service. Combine
delicious hot beverages including bean-to-cup espresso, cappuccino, cafe latte and leaf tea served in a stylish paper cup, with refreshing, filtered and flavour-hinted water in a cool plastic cup"

The Azure is available with a choice of door colours and is ideal for banking with Westomatic hot beverage machines.

Features and benefits

  • Chilled water at the touch of a button.

  • Total customer confidence with UV purification and
    Brita filtration ensuring natural tasting water free
    from impurities.

  • Exciting range of flavour!hinted waters.

  • Choice of door colour together with modern illuminated design promote the availability of purified and filtered water.

  • 530 cup capacity negates the need for separate cup provision.

  • Bottle sensor allows customers to use their own
    refillable plastic bottle.

  • Perfect for banking with other Westomatic machines or available as a stand alone unit.

  • On-screen audit for total number of drinks sold by type.