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Prelude Hot Beverage Machine

Prelude Hot Beverage Machine

When it comes to counter-top beverage systems, the Prelude from Westomatic eliminates the need to compromise on choice. With a full menu of 'coffee house
quality' beverages including:

• Italian style bean-to-cup coffee
• Traditional freshly-brewed leaf tea
• Delicious, creamy hot-chocolate
• Decaffeinated or fair-trade coffee
• Café-style drinks including latte, café au lait, cappuccino and macchiato

And don't forget the Prelude H20 base cabinet which doubles up as a stylish water dispenser, offering an unlimited supply of refreshing, chilled 'bottled at source' quality water at the touch of button; why worry about additional water coolers when you can have hot and cold beverages in one compact system?

Features and benefits

Totally unique: High performance simple paperless brewer technology (unique to Westomatic) guarantees the punchiest espresso and the perfect cup of tea.

Pay…your way: Now you can choose any method of payment: whether it's free (free-vend), cash or swipe-cards, we can fit a system to suit your needs.

Choose your tableware: Jug-fill option is ideal for group meetings or order without cup-dropper and use your own mug, cup or bottle.

Forget the abacus: Measure trends, monitor performance and cash using simple USB technology. Why waste time entering data when you can have all the auditing data you need on your PC?

Simplicity at its best: Versatile, menudriven programming means setting-up and maintaining your Prelude is quick and easy. Removable drip-tray and durable exterior means it's also hygienic and easy to clean.

Just add water: Choose the Prelude as a table-top machine or with optional matching H2O base cabinet.