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Sfera Snack Machine

Sfera Snack Machine

The Sfera offers a flexible layout and a capacity of up to 48 selections, with the possibility to dispense snacks, bottles, cans, tetrapack containers and sandwiches or food in the new Sferafood model. Designed to coordinate with the Necta ``Zenith line`` range of hot drinks, food, can and bottle vendors to create a full refreshment solution.

The Sfera is simple to operate and offers excellent promotional opportunities. ``Virtual`` and ``Combined`` selections allow up to two snacks and a hot drink to be dispensed (from Astro or Zenith), by entering only one selection's number into the keypad, or an optional direct selection facility ensures quick and simple service using five ``hot`` buttons.

Additional user-friendly features, such as a vend detection system and an ergonomic outward opening delivery bin (patented), ensure customer satisfaction every time. The Sfera is certain to attract attention with its attractive double glazed front door, which provides security as well as displaying products to their full advantage.

Features and benefits

Enhanced capacity / space ratio

Up to 48 selections

5 direct selection buttons for high turnover products
``Virtual`` and ``Combined`` selections

Userfriendly and ergonomic delivery bin (patented)

Photocell detection system guaranteed delivery

Front hot air outlet (patented) saving 10 cm on the depth of the machine

Uniform: 8-12 , or stratified temperature: 8-14 for snacks; 5-8 for cans and bottles products

Separate compartment for payment systems and electronics

Unbreakable lexan panel on the door

Good products visibility thanks to 2 lamps located on the top and lateral sides

Possibility to select between tiltable and non-tiltable trays (patented)

New tray support system gives more vertical space and no ``lift`` of the trays

Motorised coin returm

Sfera can be banked alongside Astro working in master/slave mode

Size: Height 1830 mm, Width 880 mm, Depth 890 mm