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Shopper 2 Food Machine

Shopper2 Food Machine

The Shopper 2 has been designed to meet the varying needs of a 24 hour refreshment service. Machines provide the largest selection of products that consumers demand, leading to higher sales volumes and increased operator profitability. Shopper 2 is the first choice for around the clock fresh food, snack and cold drinks vending.

The Shopper 2 is available as standard in silver or metallic
black to complement machines available from the CMS range. When matched with Abstract or Ultra Blue graphics, these machines provide a strong visual impact to any location.

Features and benefits

Refrigerated Product Compartments Rotating drum is fully refrigerated with air evenly distributed throughout the shelves. Highly efficient refrigeration provides the best air distribution system in the industry

Choice of Payment Systems Shopper 2 is compatible with the leading M.D.B. and Executive coin and cashless
systems. Either option can be fitted depending on the payment format required.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint The Shopper 2 is one of the more energy efficient, vending machines in the market-place today achieving an EVA EMP rating of B. The latest power save software reduces energy consumption whilst keeping the machine "vend ready". A Shopper 2 in energy save mode uses 13% less energy per hour than when in standby mode while a machine in energy save mode and door heaters switched off (where conditions allow) uses 56% less energy per hour!