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Sigma Hot Beverage Machine

Sigma Hot Beverage Machine The Sigma is the free-standing hot beverage vending machine that serves up freshly ground bean to cup coffee, freshly brewed tea and creamy chocolate drinks.

  • Stylish yet highly durable exterior make it ideal for semi-public sites such as leisure centres, universities and airport terminals, etc.
  • Compact footprint means it can fit into tight corners and small offices.
  • Speedy vend-time, makes it perfect for any workplace including office, production sites, call centres and factories.
  • Tastes so good you can't tell the difference between a Sigma and a Barista.
  • The Sigma provides punchy espresso, creamy cappuccino and freshly brewed leaf tea, because of the innovative technology devised by our specialist research and development team.
  • Innovative paperless brewer guarantees punchy espressos, without the need for high pressure.
  • Unique pulsing technology guarantees a better blend of ingredients with no lumps or clogging.

Large 12oz cups give you more of your favourite drink

  • Choose from 7oz, 9oz or a large retail-sized 12 oz paper cup.
  • Add the latest 'coffee on the go' accessory, the sip lid, from the built-in sip lid dispenser.
  • New retail 12oz 'Coffee2go' branded Sigma.

Features and benefits

Using innovative 'pulsing' technology, the Sigma brewer blends ingredients to perfection, the result; a beverage that rivals those made in a high-pressure espresso system.
  • Slip lidDirect selection or multi-choice touch sensitive menus.
  • Choose from 7oz, 9oz or a retail-sized 12oz cup with sip lid.
  • Simple menu-driven programming and clear ingredient canisters mean the Sigma is hygienic, easy to fill, clean and maintain - ideal for vending operators.
  • Choice of contemporary back-lit graphics. Enhance your Sigma with a design that incorporates your logo or message and stand out from the crowd.
  • Cash, cashless or free vend or why not choose cash and cashless from the same machine?
  • Gain total stock accountability and up-load gram throws within seconds using USB or telemetry technology.
  • Optional integrated sip-lid compartment – the ultimate 'coffee-to-go' accessory.
  • Large ingredient canisters need filling less often.
  • 400 12oz cup capacity, keeps on serving when others run out.

Probably the most energy efficient machine on the planet

  • Low-energy, long-life LED lighting, lasts over 5 years, meaning no more fluorescent light tubes to replace.
  • Unique, in-built energy management system reduces power consumption by up to 30% during inactive periods.
  • Flash cooling system means power is only consumed when a chilled water selection is made.
  • Use of recycled materials wherever possible.
  • Machines delivered packaging-free.
  • UK manufactured with shorter logistic paths resulting in a reduced carbon footprint.
  • Permanent, refillable ingredient canisters, paperless brewers and own-cup or bottle-fill facilities mean less packaging, wastage and ultimately; cost.
  • Machine Specification Cabinet Width 710 mm Cabinet Depth 695 mm (excluding 100mm from back wall) Overall Height 1830 mm

Main specification

  • Cabinet Width 710 mm
  • Cabinet Depth 695 mm (excluding 100mm from back wall)
  • Overall Height 1830 mm