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Singles Hot Beverage Machine

Singles Hot Beverage Machine The Kenco Singles machine has a new attractive and modern design, based upon a fully proven brew mechanism combining good looks with unrivalled reliability and performance. Recently we've enhanced the Kenco Singles brewer to include some important new features for even easier use...

An easy to read LCD display screen area to help the user.

• Kenco Singles can be plumbed but can also be manually
filled with water so it can placed just about anywhere you
need a beverage offer.

• Larger cup aperture for larger drinks so you can use mugs and bigger cups - it's now possible with the aid of a larger 12oz cup to use 2 capsules to make that larger drink - all the rage on the High Street!

• The larger cup area also provides improved access to allow addition of milk and sugar during the brewing process.

Kenco Singles has always delighted consumers and customers with its range of freshly brewed branded drinks. The new look adds to the consumer experience while maintaining all the features both operators and clients love about Kenco Singles.

Features and benefits

ELECTRICAL SUPPLY: The machine runs from a 230V 50Hz single-phase supply and is fitted with a 2m power cable terminated with a BS 1363 plug fused at 13A. This should be connected to a switched socket installed according to the latest version of the I.E.E Wiring Regulations.

WATER SUPPLY: The machine should be situated within 1 metre of a drinking water supply from a rising main, terminated at a W.R.C approved 15mm compression stoptap. This water supply should comply with both: a)
Statutory Instrument Number 1147 'Water England and Wales' b) The Water Supply (Water Quality) Regulations 1989. Water pressure at the stoptap must be within the limits of 0.2 – 10 bar. PUMP FILL: If the machine is fitted with a 'Water Bottle Pump Kit', it can be connected to an external drinking water container.

MANUAL FILL: The machine may be filled manually by opening the front cover to expose the filling funnel. The tank has an average working capacity of 30 cups between refills.

CAUTION: This machine should not be used with artificially softened water. Water temperature tank set to heat water to 96°C within the machine. Drink temperature will be between 80-90°C depending on the temperature from the
tank and the type of cup used – china/paper. Time to reach operable temperature is 15 minutes from cold. Power rating: the machine is rated at 2kW and the maximum current drawn is 9A.

Capsule bin capacity. The capsule bin will hold up to 30 used capsules. Capacity can be increased by mounting the machine on a Kenco base cabinet. We recommend that the Kenco Singles brewer be
fitted with a high-grade water filter when plumbed, to ensure that the optimum drink is dispensed. Water filters can be ordered as an optional extra and must be replaced every six months (code 42898).