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Tassimo Hot Beverage Machine

Tassimo Hot Beverage Machine Simple, versatile and hassle-free, TASSIMO PROFESSIONAL slots perfectly into your business, delivering great quality branded hot drinks including a range of coffees and speciality drinks – Cappuccino and Latte as well as teas and hot chocolate.

TASSIMO PROFESSIONAL is an intuitive system with an integrated LCD display to help guide you, step by step, to making a perfect drink and personalising it to suit individual taste.

When catering for a group of people, we understand that everyone has their own preference. So whether it’s the rich dark profile of a single origin coffee or a simple cup of tea, TASSIMO PROFESSIONAL offers quality drinks, using trusted and well-known brands. Everyone can customise and experiment with a fantastic range of coffees, teas, hot chocolate and specialities to match all occasions and moods.

Once you insert your choice of T DISC, the machine will scan the bar code on your T DISC to ensure your drink is delivered at the right temperature, pressure and volume. So all that is left for you to do is personalise it, and then enjoy your drink exactly the way you like it.

Features and benefits

Height 410mm

Width 230mm

Depth 535mm

Weight (Empty) 15 Kg

Power Supply 240V, 50Hz 13A

Power Consumption 2250W
Heating mode 45W Standby 6W ECO MODE

System Capacity 4 Litres

Set-up time - Installation Approx 15 minutes
(to first drink availability)

Average Drink Temperature 77°C

Average Brew Time 63 seconds

First Drink Availability (Full tank from cold) 10 minutes

Time Between Drinks Approx 5 seconds

Average Bin Capacity 20 T-DISCS

Power Lead Length 1.6M

Water Supply Options (Programmable on the machine) Manual (default) Plumbed Bottle Connection